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The outline of


The outline of the CDC business

The operations of CDC started with the support of Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters in Cabinet Secretariat, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The support for production of the usage records reporting data

CDC assists OCPs’ preparation of their usage records report data to be made to CMOs by providing OCPs with the necessary data online.

Preparation of usage reports to CMOs

CDC performs data processing for producing usage reports which OCPs are required to make to the respective CMOs under the licensing contracts for the use of their administered copyrights.

Centralization by database

Introducing the advanced computer matching technology, CDC has constructed the database which centralizes the management of the information such as fingerprints, works information and interface codes with external computers, and provides highly reliable information.

Support for analysis of copyright usages

CDC calculates the respective CMO’s repertoire share in the total musical works used in a certain type of usage.

CDC also provides the services related to copyright clearance such as planning, designing and consulting of copyright clearance scheme.

*The Intellectual Property Strategic Program 2008 (excerpt)
Since the volume of the right clearance procedure has sharply increased due to the rapid growth of the market of music distribution over the Internet, for the purpose of facilitating the efficient right clearance procedure, the Secretariat will support the establishment of a third party organization within the fiscal year of 2008, which collectively performs the necessary operation for right clearance, such as identifying musical works with the works codes and matching data and so on.
(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Education Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
*The Intellectual Property Strategic Program 2009 (excerpt)
Building the support system for contents transaction in the fiscal year 2009, the Secretariat will monitor the utilization situation of “Copyright Data Clearinghouse” which collectively processes the usage data of music distribution and facilitates the smooth royalty distribution, and will support its smooth operation.
(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Education Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Objective of business

Promotion of proper and smooth use of works

The objective is to promote proper and smooth use of works by providing the interested parties with the result obtained through collecting the information of the works usage and their right holders and sorting/consolidating such information using the computer system developed on its own under the cooperation between users and right holders of works.

General Incorporated Association Copyright Data Clearinghouse

You may download CDC’s brochure here.
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