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Introduction of the Fluzo system

What is CDC-ID?

They are the unique codes that the Fluzo system assigns and that are equipped with high flexibility and scalability, independent of the works IDs assigned by Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) and Online Content Providers (OCPs).

The Fluzo system can assign the CDC-IDs based on the Meta-information even at the time when the right holder information has not been established to various digital contents other than music contents.

The link between respective CMOs’ assigned work codes and the CDC-IDs enables the search for works information across CMOs.

A solution
CDC provides

CDC developed the Fluzo system which collectively processes the linking of the OCPs’ contents information with the CMOs’ rights information, and is equipped with the function of producing the accurate usage records report. The Fluzo system has realized the optimal right clearance operation to meet the time and needs in the “fast and low-cost” way and thus is trusted by a lot of OCPs.

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